Hi, I’m Edward! Somewhere in the course of majoring in philosophy, teaching in Japan, and working for Democratic campaigns, I discovered R. Today I work as a data scientist for Uptake in Chicago and spend a lot of time exploring R and data science for work and fun.

On this website, you can expect

  • data visualizations, both
    • static and
    • animated and interactive plots;
  • exciting functions to make life easier;
  • updates and information about packages I write (see the menu above for their READMEs with links to their sites);
  • wonderfulness from packages I love; and
  • other odds and ends which may or may not relate to R, data science, politics, foreign affairs, philosophy or another subject that piques my interest and which I find worth writing about.

If you have a question, want to grab a coffee in Chicago, or otherwise would like to chat, please reach out via Twitter, email, or whatever other means you prefer.

I hope something here excites you as much as it does me. Enjoy!