Bayesian Regression

greta and Stan go for a walk

Edward Visel

11 minute read

I have been working on my Bayesian statistics skills recently. In particular, I have been reading David Robinson’s lovely Introduction to Empirical Bayes: Examples from Baseball Statistics and watching Rasmus Bååth’s delightful three-part Video Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis, notable amongst other videos, courses, and textbooks. I have much yet to learn, but my past experience with statistics has taught me that I understand concepts most thoroughly by actually implementing them. Thus,…

Anonymous Functions, Not Variables

Use the LHS of a formula to specify variable names in purrr-style lambda functions

Edward Visel

7 minute read

I am a very heavy purrr user. The killer feature is clearly map_df (fairly recently rebranded as map_dfr and map_dfc for row and column binding, respectively) to iterate over a list à la lapply and simplify the result to a data frame. Thanks to the power of dplyr::bind_rows, it fixes all the drawbacks of sapply’s simplify2array behavior: